Sunday Scraps #45

The river Thames next to Weybridge where I cycle on weekends.

As my browser overflows and we’re almost 40% done with the year already, I contemplate how to sew a quilted coat as my next socially distanced mission while admiring the work of others / how vegan options are taking over vegetarian options on restaurant menus / the amazing music and life story of jazz musician Pete La Roca / I loved this piece about poverty in tech / Hollywood’s first yoga studio / the cruelty of When Harry Met Sally (although I disagree)/ a book about how women were dismissed in the early days of computing in the UK / Peter Falk’s Law / a lovely critique of designers / how Margaret Mead’s work was wrongly criticised / Tina Fey’s excellent piece on motherhood / there’s an exhibition on about my long gone alma mater in Ivrea / I suppose I should read some Arthur C. Clarke one day / ISO 50001 is an energy management standard I just learnt about recently / a digital collection of visualisations of nuclear reactors / I really struggle with people whose Wikipedia page doesn’t have a photo of them but an image of a building they financed / I wish I was in Venice right now / learnt about compositional elitism, a term from 1986 / of course I bought the Schlegel book that just came out.

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