Sunday Scraps #38

Door to Rousham gardens.

Ann Behringer became an addiction therapist after being Tina Turner’s backup dancers / Japanese libraries and their evolution / about listening to new music / Director of Strategy for COP26 role is open / Lewisham Small Sites Design Guide is being developed / Designing London’s Recovery is open for applications / Not long now till Easter and although I gave up alcohol for it, I just want to make pancakes / the time spent on ‘home production’ has increased over a century per capita / that evergreen 1993 illustration by Peter Steiner is available as a print / V&A pattern for a boro bag I might try / I went down a rabbit hole on ‘instructions design‘ for work / this book on wayfinding design is stupidly expensive but there’s a free digital version available / Ruth Asawa documentary trailer with, inevitably, Buckminster Fuller and his fucking domes (sorry, still pisses me off he lied on his patent application) / a beautiful documentary on Japanese American modernist pioneers.

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