Sunday Scraps #17

Flimsy track and trace in a restaurant in Kilburn.

Can’t believe Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre is being demolished / The interiors of 222 Strand which was ventilated by two women cycling / I wore a keffiyeh I bought in Jaffa in 2008 and looked up the Palestinian version which is now mostly made in China but can be bought from the only Palestinian manufacturer here / Chef Sohla El-Waylly’s new show / How COVID-19 can be transmitted with aerosols / The cement works in Hastings of Sydney Little / Chalcots estate designed by Dennis Lennon who did a lot of work for the Festival of Britain / Winter mortality and its causes / 5 steps to mental well-being / The next moment he launched himself out into the air / Rifleman’s Creed / Yimby / Good french feminist stickers / On Legibility / Still European t-shirt / Made-by an environmental benchmark for fibres which doesn’t exist anymore /