Sunday Scraps #8

A deep clean of some phone tabs which have been opened since last November.

HoroHoro Cookies (found in Kanazawa) / Katrien de Blauwer’s exhibition at the Foto Museum in Rotterdam (one of my favorite artists) / I didn’t necessarily agree with this NYTimes article on the patriarchy of Alcoholics Anonymous but it was an interesting take / on the NYC subway and its demise / America by Allen Ginsberg (the Spotify playlist for Beat poets has been in my library for years)/ Bruno Taut’s house which you can stay in / Mowgli (which I haven’t tried yet) / Walter Segal talking about self-building /Whilhemina Barns-Graham exhibition (postponed) at the RWA / Lise Deharme / Cary Grant’s Mid-Atlantic accent / Bristol chaotic pendulum / Italo ain’t over which was posted on the soon to be demolished Norwich Union Building / The early ixd community in London / Perception of time / Everything is regional / Roger d’Astous who studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and built over 50 strange looking churches across Québec / A book about prop making / Jane Collective for abortion services / Our Body, Ourselves on sexual health / Amazing little site documenting the different acts aiming to protect the Cressingham Gardens Estate / A housing design audit for England / Link between energy efficiency and property value / Consequential improvements in construction / The Integratron and not too far away Arcosanti by former FLW apprentice as well as Arthur Pieper’s house / Rachel Ruysch’s flowers / Nothing fancy cookbook my friends Si and Claire had in their kitchen / the feminist detective novels of Dorothy Sayers / McDonald’s Monopoly game fraud documentary / From de-colonial to anti-colonial conference / Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny / Filing under ‘this has not aged well’ an article on co-living / Walk to save footpaths / The ownership structures of the energy distribution networks in the UK / Studio in the woods / HELLO WOOD cabins / Rotor design studio in Belgium / BC architects / BedZed eco-community in Sutton / The Green Child by Herbert Read / South Sudanese traditional prints / Golcha Gochini paintings on bits of cardboard / Ellen Auerbach has the best haircut / C.R. Ashbee and his guild program which Frank Lloyd Wright imitated in the US / Documentary about Diana Kennedy / Documentary about Barbara Stauffacher Solomon / How Structural Racism Works by Trishia Rose / Leeds Arts Club / Talk by Roy Ascott / Maira Kalman / Remembering Andrea Dunbar / Audio version of Race, Riots & History / FLW’s apprentice Tafel Albert House / Shaun Tan‘s beautiful animal-centric stories / Home University Library of Modern Knowledge  publications for the poor in the early 20thC.

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