Sunday Scraps #6

(Office deep clean kind of day)

The problems of restoring light art / The open society and its enemies / Japan Dome House / Mr Straw’s House / the architect Charles Holden / Excellent pecorino and almond biscuits / Allan Octavian Hume who ran the South London Botanical Institute and was linked to Helena Blavatsky‘s Theosophical Society / The Meeting Place by Paul Day is one my fav pieces of public art / I’d love to visit Prada Marfa some day / Chives grow in my garden so I should make some cheddar scones some time / when modernist architects made police stations and the fact that Hitler’s home is becoming one / the Neo-Georgian group in architecture / remember post-digital ? / Williard Straight Hall was the inspiration for Kettle Yard in Cambridge / A salon in the countryside describes the people connected to Dartington Hall / The Circle is a 300 page book from 1937 on constructivist art /  Van Nelle Fabriek’s founders ties with the Theosophical Society / Kroller-Muller sculpture park in the Netherlands / Daybreak, the most popular print of the 20th century / John Lautner started as an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright in his Fellowship / Menstruation and the Holocaust / the doomed heroines of Posy Simmonds / I need to start looking at old utopias like New Atlantis / Owen Luder‘s bad buildings including Dunbar House in Kingston / Generalise don’t specialise (which is great news for me) / UK household Carbon Footprint research paper / La Monte Young’s Dream House in Tribeca / Prospect-refuge theory / Art in a machine age by Maxwell Fry / John Bunting’s work / ‘The homes we want’ speech in Parliament in 1943 and Elizabeth Denby‘s work on poor housing conditions in England / Modern Nature by Derek Jarman / Maxwell Fry & Jane Drew’s work