Sunday Scraps #4

Post-pandemic workplaces 1 2 / a book about sentient lightbulbs / Kevin Kelley turned 68 and gave young people some advice / Bela Banathy’s book on changing social systems / furniture music (coined by Erik Satie) / the paper that coined and defined ‘wicked problems’ / Un Chien Andalou online / The NewYorker about Lorraine Hansberry / the original Dewey Classification System / Adhocism a niche design trend I hadn’t come across, pre DIY and open source / Lecture at the AA on adhocism by Charles Jencks who coined the term / Dishoom have a cook book but I banned myself from buying more cookbooks 3 years ago and I’m not giving in / Emanuel Bronner’s bio (yes the man who made those Castille soaps) / 3 x 4 grid layout sectioned in every possible way / interview of famous psychologist Albert Bandura / wonderful read about grudges online