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It’s incredibly hard to read Dominic Cummings’ blog post without wondering what his everyday life must be about. What he reads, who he hangs out with, who he goes surfing/golfing with will help create a world view where Peter Thiel is a reference and machine learning can help civil service keep things ticking along for the rest of us. So the least I could do is offer some better reading suggestions. Something a misfit would do surely. This is what I sent over, with links:

January 3rd 2020

Mr. Cummings,

Here is some suggested reading in light of your recent blog post:

As a citizen of nowhere living and working in our great capital, I wanted to share these references to help you and your team examine the other side of your argument and approach when it comes to bringing technology into public services.

I wish you luck and hope at the very least you can get better biscuits into Downing Street.

Warm regards and Happy New Year!

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