Quiet no? The Good Night Lamp is back!

That’s because I decided to start working on an old/new internet of things project. Read all about it.

This is my post there as the site seems to suffer from Dreamhost being rubbish.

After almost a year and a half post Tinker London, it’s a real pleasure for me to be able to share what I’ll be working on for the foreseeable future: The Good Night Lamp. I’m going to use this blog to share how the product is being developed, how the hardware and software are being built and the adventure of trying to do a commercially accessible “internet of things” product. You might have noticed I got quite militant this year in my blogging, but that was as much about spreading my opinions as it was convincing myself that the time is *now* for a tangible everyday “internet of things” product. When I first came up with the Good Night Lamp in 2005 as a student at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, the type of software infrastructure that we now find in projects like Pachube and others wasn’t around. Arduino wasn’t even around really as it was being tested while I was working on the project.

Now 7 years later it’s much easier to try to build networked devices and products. The challenge is no longer the technology, the challenge is in running a successful business and getting those products in people’s hands in ways that feel natural, useful and delightful. A tall order, but I think it’s a great modern challenge that I am excited to take on.

In January looking at Little Printer and sitting right next to MakieLab, I felt that it was time to get my hands dirty too. There is so much momentum at the moment in the SIlicon Roundabout and I’ve already had some fantastic feedback and advice. I am also blessed to be surrounded with fantastic designers, hackers and creative technologists. Andy Huntington had a go at helping me on the early stage technology prototype last autumn and now that’s being picked up by the very talented John Nussey. I have reached out to some people who were personal Internet of Things heroes and I’m delighted to say they’ve all accepted to support me on this adventure. Rafi Haladjian, CEO of Open Sen.se who was also the founder of the Nabaztag is one of those people. He joins our Board of Advisors. Others will be announced in the next weeks.

We’re aiming to ship some lamps for Christmas and to share the making process along the way. In the meantime, follow us on @GNLteam. We won’t spam you trust me. We’ll also be hiring in the next months, so if this is an exciting idea for you and you want to get involved, please get in touch with me at alex (at) goodnightlamp (dot) com.


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