Dear Sir/Madam

I just received an email at my Topoware email address starting with “dear sir/madam” expecting it to be spam and horrified at discovering it was a recent graduate who was sending me his cv and portfolio.

Horror! Shock!

So I couldn’t let it be, I HAD to reply and I did, trying desperately not to be too rude. But commmoooooooonnnnnn, isn’t business development part of any design course in the world yet? Oh, and it’s called “the internet”, put your portfolio online for god’s sake! And do me a favor and click on the “who we are” or “contact” or “about” and figure out the name of who you’re trying to reach to at least start your letter with “dear Alexandra”

The only type of communication for which that particular form is still valid, is if I’m filling in my tax return or writing to the gaz company and desperately can’t find the name of the head of the department.

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