On the Radio

We started slowly but the Paris Team has achieved a big step in November…

After two weeks of excitement and frustration (“It is looking great but how the hell am I going to make these components work together?” said Maëlle a few times when opening the magic box), my radio system project really kicked off in two sessions in mid-November.

First, I developed a better acquaintance to Arduino with Christophe. We analysed the different examples provided with the software and Christophe made me understand all the different settings and values you can write. I now feel much more at ease to write some bits myself (wow!) with all brackets, braces and semicolons.

Then, we picked up the necessary components in the kit:
* Light sensor (when I enter a room, I switch on the light and the radio switches on automatically and since I am very eco-friendly I switch off the light when I leave the room and so my radio switches off)
* Servo (to push on the switch)
* LED light (to indicate when the system is on)

Thanks to Christophe’s dad, we tested the machine on another radio than mine, older but more classical and easier to manipulate.

We were quite surprised when we saw that it worked quite instantly… well, I still have to make some adjustments so that it looks better and to improve the solidity of the whole thing.

Next two steps:
1. Build another similar system in my bedroom or in the corridor leading to my bathroom
2. Set up an overall switch in order to avoid having the radio on every time I switch on the light in my flat.

And here’s a video of what we got up to!

Homesense – Radios from Homesense London1 on Vimeo.

– Maelle

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