Product design for ideas and for scale.

Our work is multi-disciplinary by nature and collaborative. We think the internet of things can only be developed in this way as it is the meeting of product design, complex user experiences, new services and software / hardware development. This is a sample of our work designing products over the past ten years. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements.



  • We’ve designed and commercialised a set of connected lamps for global families. Check out the  Good Night Lamp. (2005-ongoing)
  • Design and manufacturing support for the first Current Cost Bridge a home energy display that posted data to Google Powermeter (2009-10)
  • Involved in delivering and managing smart products such as FRSTEE and Historytag.
  • Ran an internet of things pop-up shop in our office for Christmas 2013.
  • Designed a series of scarves for single people.
  • Exploring new mobile & music experiences for Nokia Advanced Labs  with an output of physical prototypes and concept videos.
  • Exploring new home energy management experience opportunities with EDF R&D during three workshops. The outputs varied from physical prototypes,UX wireframes, app demos, videos and websites.
  • Exploring new connected media experiences with BBC R&D over a six month period. Outputs included physical prototypes and videos.
  • Developed Homesense a pan-European open innovation project to explore bottom-up smart homes. The output included a blog and hardware tools which are now part of the NYC Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.
  • Made the Big Red Button for Russell Davies which is still part of the Museum of Modern Art’s collection and currently on show.
  • Contributed to writing a scenario for the life of a designer and her connected objects in 2020 for artist Tom Klinkowstein.
  • Interactive installations and products builds for a range of marketing campaigns or museum installations for Sony Bravia, Nokia, Wired & the Evening Standard.