Mapping creativity in London?

Was intrigued by the accusation that the council of Barnet was going to be the only council not to invest in Arts by cutting funding to Artsdepot. The whole debate in the Evening Standard article a few days ago made me want to know where exactly does “creativity” happen and if you can start mapping it geographically and investing on that basis only (as per my previous post on the Tech City idea). A first step in that general direction was for me to pick up the weekend’s Guardian Guide and map out the exhibitions listing. It was interesting to see that for that particular week, things are quite “central london” if that means anything. Not much south of Southbank. Not much West west. Not much north. Lots in “the west end”, Soho and Shoreditch.

I grant you this isn’t very scientific (I’ll try to update the map every week to spot any changes or new additions), but it shows London as a creative beast all over, with no real clusters when it comes to enjoying art / visual arts / creative industry outputs.

View Les carnets d’Alexandra: Guardian exhibitions list in a larger map

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