Speculative modeling response: 2 conversations

Russell Davies had the lovely idea of proposing a project around speculative modeling with the Lyddle End series. I received a Lock Side Stores.

This is my response in the form of imagery and conversations taking place in 2050.

1. An afternoon at the Science Museum



– So this is it?
– Yeh
– ….
– Yeh, I know, what a hike for so little.
– So, ok, when is this supposed to be from?
– Hmm, 2006 I think.
– And people lived like this? In such small spaces? With walls? No windows? No doors.
– Yeh…well I think.
– Hmm
– I know, crazy huh?
– Totally, I mean look at those plants.
– Yeh
– Don’t see those anymore.
– I wonder how lucky they thought themselves to be.
– Well, clearly not, look at what happened after.
– Yeh, I know…Fuckwits.

2. Waiting in line



– So…how long have you been waiting here?
– Hmm, 3 days now I think. Hard to tell, I doze off periodically. You?
– A week I think.
– I wonder when those guys will get out?
– Well they’ve been in there for 20 hours or so, the next ones will be up shortly.
– What do you suppose is in there anyway? I mean the rumors are pretty wild.
– Yeh I hear there’s turn of the century cultery in there with, like, real fruits and vegetables. Or, well, what they could artifically make up.
– Yeh pineapple and crumpets… I hear there’s real wooden furniture, and paper books. You can have a lie down and read.
– What’s a lie down?
– Not sure, but I heard that’s what people did back then.
– Crazy.
– I can’t wait.

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