Pumpkin shenanigans

* Awesome photos from Luke and Louise of their wired-up prototype ‘Trick or Treat’ pumpkin that they’d built a few weeks back for Halloween. It’s lit up inside by LEDs (look at the teeth on the left) and responds to ‘tricks’ or ‘treats’.

* The next HomeCamp: Christmas edition, has been announced. It’ll be running on Monday December 14th, 4-8pm – details of the venue to follow. If you’re interested in energy monitoring, grassroots demand response and automation hacking then come along!

* From the wonderful Edible GeographySMS Soup. The design of these bowls was influenced by the two defining features of South China’s cities – food and electronics manufacture. Each bowl had a scrolling LED message inside, which were programmed by artists with short observations about the city. The bowls were distributed by the local dai pai dong vendors so that, halfway through their bowl of noodles and soup, people found a glowing LED message “provoking thoughts about the urbanism and architecture of Schenzen”.

As Nicola Twilley says, these bowls carry so many possibilities:
“Anxious mothers could equip their university-bound offspring with an LED plate, sending text messages about the importance of a solid breakfast and vegetable consumption at appropriate times of day. Birthday meals could be served with a scrolling subtext of good wishes from long-distance friends and family. Farm-to-table restaurants could surprise guests with a greeting from the person who grew their dinner. Who knows, perhaps Israeli and Palestinian restaurants could even swap tableware to start a spontaneous, mobile-phone enabled dialogue between diners?”

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