Flyby update

Flyby update for a grey grey Friday afternoon. Lots of news and videos from Paris and Geneva to come next week, but for now here’s all the news from where we are:

* We’ve been training up our second London household: you’ll meet them next week, and the picture in this post is from the training session last Sunday. The chocolate in the foreground served a dual purpose: it acted as both a mid-session sugar boost, and also as an Aid To Scientific Learning as Daniel demonstrated how the capacitive touch sensor could be set off both by human touch and the tinfoil wrapper.

* Introducing Christophe, our Parisian expert. He’s already been building his own automated home, and blogging about the project (in French!). As he says: I decided to take part in Homesense for the following reasons. I really like the interdisciplinary rapport created by the Arduino community. It’s not just another type of prototyping board created by the [fast] electronics industry but instead a reconciliation… [and] it gives me an official reason to do some hacking.

* If you’re about in London next week, check out the Open Source Hardware User Group event on Thursday November 18th. They’ll be presenting two projects for the home: the Denkimono Alarm Clock and the Tacticalendar. There’s also the chance to take the stage for 5 minutes to talk about any home hacks that you’ve done yourself. The event is hosted by the London Hackspace and kicks off at 6pm.

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