Solder, Seminars and Thirsty Plants

A bevy of Homesense updates towards this end of January…

– Russell and Daniel have been soldering – more details of the purposes of the solder to follow…

– Georgina will be speaking about ‘Homesense’ on February 7th, at UCL. It’s part of the Science and Technology Studies department seminar series:

This seminar presents and explores the methodologies around the ‘Homesense’ research project, in which open collaborative methods of online communities are brought to physical infrastructures around the home. In doing so we examine the limitations of ‘lead user methods’ which privilege technological expertise over lived experience.

Room G3, 22 Gordon Square. February 7th, 5-6.30pm.

– And in Geneva, Darja, Theo and David have been building a plant waterer. It was actually the first project that the guys had planned, from the brief:

Project 1: Automatic watering for the poor plant. Maybe only mechanically.Darja is very busy and sometimes she can’t water her plant for days. This is a project to keep the plant in a better shape.

Darja wrote the code to turn the water pump on at certain times each day; and Theo and David helped to build the moisture sensor to ensure that the plant was only watered when it needed to be.

There’s more from the Geneva folks about how they built it here and here.

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