Marvin the Device of Unrevealed Purpose

Originally posted by Russell on his blog: an update on how Daniel and the Davies family are getting on…

Daniel came round yesterday to help with our Homesense project. He’s an incredibly patient and helpful teacher. And he got me doing actual coding on our arduino. Rudimentary but very satisfying.

We installed and tuned it after he’d gone and it’s working like a charm. But Arthur doesn’t want me to reveal what it actually does until we’ve installed the soundchip we ordered yesterday. So it will remain secret for a while.

I also think I’ve roped Tom in to help with one of our other ideas which requires a bit of delighting with data, and means I’m looking for old maps of our area. That’s going to be exciting too. We’re going to need a bigger arduino.

The Marvin Monitor V0.1 (yet to be renamed) from Homesense London1 on Vimeo.

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