Making the life of my neighbors just a little bit more bearable

Meeting no. 3 started with a good Chinese dinner, discussing about the sound theory and checking how the sound waves look on oscilloscope. Théo and David prepared all the technical material just to make sure that I will understand how are we going to build our project no.2 aka “noise detector” aka “Rest in Peace’ as Théo named it.

But first… just a short explanation why did we decide to work of this project. The main reason is that my apartment is situated just above the apartment of an older monsieur that I have no intention to disturb more than necessary (after 10p.m.). Therefore I thought it would be quite helpful to know when do I need to be careful and lover the level of decibels at my place.

On the paper the idea seemed quite simple… All we needed was Arduino, Théo’s home made microphone, a few LED lights of different colors, a few connection wires, David’s code and some good moral support form my side. To be honest, the coding at this level is simply becoming too complicated for me to contribute anything whatsoever… so I tried to observe and understand the bigger picture and principles.

And yet it would be too easy to build a prototype without confronting a few problems. Here is a short video showing the whole process from testing the microphone at the Complex Labs, coding and generating some illogical numbers, until the final, fully operational 2nd HomeSense gadget called ‘Rest In Peace’ (and more photos here). Two thumbs up!

Till next time… may your neighbors be in peace.

– Darja

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